Today's Global Economy has re-enforced that competitive pricing, excellent quality, on-time delivery, and customer support are critical elements of success. Rocar Precision understands the importance of these fundamentals and is committed to providing
them to our customers.

Rocar Precision stands apart from other similar businesses in that we can see a project through from conception all the way to market if that is the need of the customer. We offer a fully functional machine shop designed to accommodate even the largest of jobs.

Our dependable manual machines, state of the art CNC machines, robotics and highly skilled craftsmen provide unparalleled services ranging from make-to-print to component design. Our knowledge of engineering and manufacturing has enabled us to foresee a potential design or drawing error in a prototype component, as well as to suggest modifications in an established part to increase its function, life and usefulness. This expertise combined with a team relationship with customers and vendors has saved substantial cost and delays. We are known for quick turn-around, tight quality control, and timely responsiveness to each customer's unique needs, whether for one-of-a-kind prototyping or high-production quantities.