Frequently Asked Questions

Precision Machined Products

1. Do you stock parts?
We do inventory parts for customers against open orders as part of a Vendor Managed Inventory program.

2. What materials do you utilize?
We produce machined parts from aluminum, brass, copper, steel, titanium, magnesium ,inconnel and stainless steel, as well as some specialty metals upon request.

3. What are the types of machining you perform?
We produce high-precision machined parts on a variety of equipment; CNC Lathes, CNC Turn mill Centerscenters with sub spindles and bar feeders and robot load and unload. CNC mills 4 and 5 axis. We support those products with a complete tool room including Jig Boring.

4. What are your minimum quantity requirements?
We produce orders as small as 1 piece on our CNC equipment and as large as several million parts .

5. Do you do prototype work?
We are not a prototype shop, but we do an extensive amount of prototype work for our existing customers as part of their product development efforts focusing on providing our value engineering expertise to them.

6. Are all parts volume sensitive?
Yes, every part must absorb an equal portion of its set-up costs. The complexity of the part and the number of parts ordered are key cost drivers.

8. What are your size limitations?
• CNC Machining centers 19"x 39" x 15
CNC Lathes have a 18" capacity

9. Are prints and drawings always required?
A drawing is always preferred, but we can reverse engineer most screw machine parts.

10. In what file format can we accept drawings?

.cgm .dwf .pdf .jpg .ppt
.tif .stl .dwg .xls .prt
.doc dxf .bmp step iges




and more..

11. Do you do part design?
No, our ISO certification does not cover product design. We do work extensively with our customers in the area of design improvement, quality enhancements, and value engineering of their precision machine parts.

12. How are our products shipped?
We ship via UPS, common carrier, or any means specified by our customer. All our products are shipped FOB Utica Mi., unless we are requested to include shipping in the part price.

13. What about outside processes and subassemblies?
We can provide heat treating, plating, special finishes, polishing, and grinding through our network of quality service providers.
We also can produce subassemblies utilizing our parts and specialized packaging.